JAMAICA GIANTS Sculpture Park & Art Gallery was established in 2016 and is nestled 279 ft above sea level in Moreland Hill, Westmoreland, Jamaica. The park is located in a hilly woodlands of Rickie Jackson’s Nature Reserve, just over 1/2 hour drive
from Jamaica’s ‘capital of casual’ Negril and an 1 hour and 30 minutes from Montego Bay where Sangster International Airport is located. A delightful balance between nature and art where the works are totally part of the landscape.  The park’s aim is to foster appreciation for sculpture and art in general and to enrich the local community.

Owner & Chief Curator Profile

Rickie Jackson – a local entrepreneur who was born in Orange Hill, Westmoreland. He acquired the property of Moreland Penn from the Whitelocke brothers in 1987.  The property was part of a historical rum and sugar estate. With over 4000 acres of land it’s still an active cattle and sheep farm that also produces sugarcane, bananas, coconuts, mangoes and sour-sop amongst other things.

As an environmental philanthropist, for the first fifteen years he planted trees to his father astonishment, who would have preferred his son develop the land in a more meaningful way. However, Rickie’s dream was to own a rain forest.  Over the 30 year period since obtaining the property he has planted over ½ million trees and that journey is far from over. Why? Because ‘great man plant trees’ is his common answer.

Never an artist himself he believes that if you can think art you can solve most problems.  He is an avid art collector and has been doing this for the past 40 years.  Most of his collected works were done by local artists, with his first pieces been paintings done by renown artist L. Whitelocke from Grange Hill.  These days, most of his art collection comes from Bruce Allen, and his amazing collaboration with Fitzroy Russell on a sculpture garden, gave birth to the place he decided to call Jamaica Giants.


Resident Sculptor Profile

Fitzroy ‘Fitzy’ Russell- is a humble rastaman born in the community of Mount Airy, Orange Hill, Westmoreland, where he still lives. An artist since he was born, his inspiration comes from natural surroundings and his favourite materials are wood and stone.  He attended Jamaica School of Art.  At Jamaica Giants Fitzy is trying to tell different stories and change the place. He started this beautiful collaboration with his lifelong friend, and the owner of the property, Rickie Jackson in 2015. To date almost 40 sculptures were carved, mostly from the rocks that are in abundance in Moreland Hill. As Fitzy like to say  ‘I was minding my own business but Rickie had his plans so I am here ‘only’ executing his ideas.’ Being at Moreland is like being on a ‘borderline of spiritual and a real life – almost a surreal experience, but I love it.’


Artist-in-Residence Profile

Bruce Allen – was born in Giddy Hall, St. Elizabeth. As a child his family moved to Hanover and he’s a proud graduate of Rusea’s High School and later Painting Department, Jamaica School of Art. When he was younger he thought he will be a musician – a singer; he still loves music especially the one with the feeling. After a traumatic experience with police when he was young and living in Montego Bay (he was a rasta at that time) he became very militant, but his skills saved him from going on the wrong path. Michaelangelo is one of the artists that had the biggest impact on him because of his ability to sculpt, paint and also his interest in heavy machinery and religion. He marvels at the fact that nobody had done what he did.

Bruce is a keen fan of European art as it exhibits great history and strength. Most of his paintings are acrylic on canvas and he himself says unapologetically, that some of them ‘take long’ and at times drain him mentally, but he doesn’t want to waste time but to keep on working to elevate himself to even higher challenges.